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Anton Kucher

Anton Kucher

A highly qualified doctor with a successful graduation from Donetsk State Medical University in 2005, majoring in "General Medicine", deserves respect and recognition. After such academic success, the doctor continued his professional journey, validating his diploma in Spain in 2009, specializing in “General Medicine”.

Since 2012, our specialist has become an honorary member of the Tarragona Doctors' Association, assigning him number 4306419. During his career, the doctor has gained valuable experience in areas such as family medicine and pediatrics, allowing him to provide a caring and competent approach to patient treatment for all ages.

Thanks to his professionalism and unwavering commitment to learning new methods and techniques, our doctor is continually improving his level of expertise to provide high-quality medical care. His primary values revolve around caring for the well-being of patients, and he strives to achieve the best possible results in treatment.

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