Doctors in Spain. Call doctor to the house


Clinical analysis

Blood tests (general, biochemical, serological, allergological tests, oncomarkers, etc.), urinalysis, bacterial sweating, histological and other laboratory tests in laboratories in Spain.

Diagnostics in Spain

If necessary, we are sent to diagnostic centers for ECG, ultrasound, CT, MRI, X-ray or endoscopic examinations of the body.

Doctor's visit at home in Spain

Consultation of a doctor in Spain at home. Departure of the doctor to the house (hotel). Accept most international insurance

Hemodialysis in Spain

We cooperate with a major international company specializing in hemodialysis, 58 centers throughout Spain (including dialysis at home and peritoneal dialysis). A preliminary record is required.

Nursing service

Injection, wound treatment, bandage application, suturing, blood sampling, vaccination, patient escort to the hospital.


Recipes for medicines for patients with chronic diseases, the search for a Spanish drug analogue and dosage

Problems of pregnancy and childbirth in Spain

Diagnosis of reproductive pathology. IVF, pregnancy control and delivery in the best clinics in Spain

Sanitary transport

Emergency call. Medical accompaniment of the patient to the hospital, the country of residence. Sanaviation, repatriation.

Visits to narrow specialists in Spanish clinics and hospitalization

Consultation in clinics, hospitalization and day hospital. Visits to narrow specialists. We send them to our referral hospitals, in accordance with the Insurance Companies.

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