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Medical Assistance and Telemedicine in Ciutat Vella, Barcelona

Barcelona is a city where history meets modernity, and its oldest district, Ciutat Vella, is a true embodiment of this fusion. As you stroll through its narrow streets, you can enjoy authentic architecture, numerous historical sites, and vibrant culture.

However, your trip can turn unpleasant if it's marred by illness or sudden indisposition. We are a medical company based right here in Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, offering house call services and telemedicine so you can recover without leaving the comfort of your residence, be it a hotel, apartment, or even a campsite.  

If you're experiencing discomfort, say, after long city walks, or have suffered an injury - contact us, and we'll arrange for a doctor to visit you. Thanks to online connectivity, our patients can receive a specialist's consultation anytime and anywhere, and if necessary a doctor will come for an examination.

Barcelona's diverse culinary traditions are enticing but sometimes new cuisine can cause an upset. We'll be there to assist in such moments too - rest assured, you won't have to stop tasting traditional dishes for a clinic visit.

Our goal is to provide effective and accessible healthcare for tourists and locals in Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, to make your travels filled with pleasant experiences and excellent health.

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