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Cullera Cullera

Discover Cullera: A Sun-Kissed Coastal Town with Rich History and Beautiful Beaches

Located in the province of Valencia, Spain, Cullera is a popular coastal town known for its bright sunshine, beautiful beaches, and rich history.

Cullera boasts about 15 kilometers of emerald beaches, each offering unique views and atmospheres. From the family-oriented San Antonio beach to the quieter Cullera lighthouse beach, there’s a beach in Cullera for every preference.

The town is also steeped in history if you’re willing to leave the beach. The Cullera Castle, perched atop a hill, offers stunning views over the town and sea. And other historical sights like the Júcar River and the Cave of Dragut add cultural context to the town.

Festivals in Cullera also reflect the town’s rich culture. In particular, the annual Fishing Festival celebrates the town’s importance of fishing and cuisine, with boats dressed up for parade and seafood on every corner.

Finally, Cullera is known for its lively nightlife, with bars and clubs coming alive after sunset.

In summary, with its perfect blend of sun, sand, history, and culture, Cullera is the ideal spot to enjoy the Spanish coast.

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