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Unmasking Hospital Corruption in Mallorca: Insights from Doctor Home Visit's Medical Experts

Unmasking Hospital Corruption in Mallorca: Insights from Doctor Home Visit's Medical Experts

During the ten-year span of working as a healthcare professional and coordinating for insurance companies, I've gained considerable experience dealing with various doctors and hospitals in Mallorca. The information I've gathered over the years has prompted me to expose an alarming pattern of unethical practices within some of the private hospitals in this picturesque island. Here at Doctor Home Visit, our paramount concern is the delivery of transparent, quality, and honest healthcare services.

Two predominant private hospitals are located in Palma, Mallorca's capital, one in the island's eastern part, and Son Espases, a state-run hospital. Each private hospital boasts its network of doctors who offer home/hotel visits. From 2012 to 2014, we partnered with these private hospitals, intending to provide superior treatment quality to our patients and for the insurance companies we work with. However, the state-run Son Espases Hospital eventually became our favored partner due to glaring issues we encountered with private hospitals.

So why did we discontinue our relationship with these private hospitals? The reasons range from false diagnoses, unwarranted lengthy hospitalizations, to inflated medical bills. There were alarming instances like a doctor, originating from Cuba, frightening a patient with a leg hematoma into believing he was at risk for thrombosis, arrhythmias, and ultimately, death. This fear-mongering approach led to an exorbitant medical bill following a diagnosis of mere panic attack.

In another case, a private hospital discontinued treatment for a patient suffering a stroke because insurance coverage had depleted. This patient was then transferred to the state-run Son Espases Hospital to continue his treatment. Besides these, we've encountered bloated medical bills for standard procedures, such as a leg fracture repositioning operation costing 25,000 euros, five-fold higher than the average cost in Andorran hospitals. An investigation revealed a corruption scheme within the hospital involving orthopedic materials' resale.

The profundity of such corruption in Spain's private medical sector prompted the creation of Doctor Home Visit. Here, quality, transparency, and integrity are our guiding principles. We are proud to work with government-run hospitals in delivering top-tier medical services to our patients.

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