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Information on Emergency Medical Assistance in Spain

Information on Emergency Medical Assistance in Spain

Spain prides itself on its high standard of medical care, inclusive of its emergency medical response system. Understanding how to navigate this system is particularly crucial when traveling. In case of experiencing a medical emergency in Spain, knowing how to seek help becomes paramount. In such instances, Doctor Home Visit's expert advice can come in handy.

Emergency calls in Spain can be made to 112 or 061. These calls are attended by Spanish-speaking operators, necessitating a basic understanding of the Spanish language. You will be required to share patient details such as name, age, precise location in Spain, contact number, and a brief about the emergency.

It’s instrumental to note that the standard ambulance service in Spain, referred to as 'Ambulancia Básica,' consists of a driver and an emergency technician. They primarily function in transporting the patient from their location to the nearest hospital but do not provide medical aid. In scenarios such as high fever, weakness, non-bleeding injuries, palpitations, nausea, headaches, or high blood pressure, the operator may recommend you to reach the hospital independently.

However, upon encountering more severe emergencies, the call is transferred to standby medical practitioners. They can authorize the dispatch of an advanced life support service, 'Ambulancia Medicalizada' (SEM), staffed with a resuscitation doctor and a nurse, dispatched for critical emergencies solely.

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