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Private and Public Healthcare in Spain: What to Choose from Doctor Home Visit

Private and Public Healthcare in Spain: What to Choose from Doctor Home Visit

Private and Public Healthcare in Spain: What to Choose

Spain is renowned for its high-quality healthcare system, which includes both private and public medical services. Choosing between them can be challenging, especially for tourists and new residents. Doctor Home Visit, offering home doctor visits and telemedicine services in Spain, explains the differences between private and public healthcare to help you make an informed decision.

Public Healthcare in Spain

The public healthcare system in Spain (Sistema Nacional de Salud - SNS) is funded by taxes and provides free or low-cost medical services to all registered citizens and residents. The main advantages of public healthcare include:

  1. Accessibility: Public medical facilities are available throughout the country, ensuring easy access to healthcare.
  2. Free Services: Most medical services, including visits to general practitioners, hospitalization, and surgeries, are free or have minimal costs.
  3. Qualified Specialists: Public hospitals and clinics employ highly qualified doctors and medical staff.

However, the public system also has its drawbacks, such as:

  • Long Waiting Times: Due to the high number of patients, waiting times for appointments or surgeries can be significant.
  • Limited Choice of Doctors: Patients may not always be able to choose a specific doctor or specialist.
  • Less Time with Patients: Doctors may be overwhelmed and have less time for each patient.

Private Healthcare in Spain

The private healthcare system in Spain offers a wide range of services, which are paid for directly by patients or through private health insurance. The benefits of private healthcare include:

  1. Quick Access: Waiting times for appointments or surgeries are significantly shorter compared to the public system.
  2. Choice of Doctor: Patients can choose specific doctors and specialists, as well as the clinics where they want to receive treatment.
  3. High Level of Service: Private clinics often offer more comfortable conditions, modern technology, and a personalized approach.

The drawbacks of private healthcare include:

  • High Cost: Private medical services can be expensive, especially without insurance.
  • Not All Inclusive: Some procedures or services may not be covered by insurance and require additional costs.

How Doctor Home Visit Can Help Tourists and Residents

If you are in Spain as a tourist or a new resident and need medical assistance, Doctor Home Visit offers unique services that combine the advantages of private healthcare with the convenience of telemedicine:

  • Home Doctor Visits: Our doctors can come to your home, hotel, or apartment, which is especially convenient for tourists or people with limited mobility.
  • Telemedicine: Get an online consultation with a doctor without leaving your accommodation. This is convenient for obtaining quick medical opinions or treatment recommendations.
  • Emergency Medical Assistance: In cases requiring immediate intervention, our specialists are ready to provide urgent care and necessary treatment on-site.

Doctor Home Visit ensures a high level of medical care, which is crucial in an unfamiliar country or when access to medical facilities is limited.

Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Healthcare System

Choosing between private and public healthcare depends on your individual needs, budget, and preferences. Knowing the differences between these systems will help you make an informed decision and receive optimal medical care.

  • For Tourists: Private healthcare may be preferable due to quick access and the ability to choose your doctor. However, having insurance (such as the European Health Insurance Card for EU citizens) can make using public healthcare a convenient and cost-effective option.
  • For Residents: Public healthcare provides reliable and affordable services, but for those who want to avoid long waits or prefer a more personalized approach, private healthcare will be the better choice.


The Spanish healthcare system offers many opportunities for both tourists and residents. Choosing between private and public healthcare depends on your needs and circumstances. Doctor Home Visit is ready to support you in any choice, providing quality home doctor visits and telemedicine services.

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